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Learning to read Manga

Hey guys, two posts in one day, i’m spoiling you!

Just had to share my books which just arrived.

Manga and short stories

Yes, I’m getting into Manga. This could be very bad as apparently most of these books come in series of as many as 50 books! and they don’t come cheap so it will take me many millennia to read them all but what the heck eh?

I really wanted to get Orange also by Ichigo Takano but Volume 1 is sold out everywhere so I thought id give this series a go instead.  It will take some getting used to, to read the book backwards and right to left on each page!

  Brain exploding right now!

And as for Above Sugar Hill by Linda Mannheim this was the quickest most impulsive buy of my life!  I literally saw it on Twitter, fell in love with the cover, read a few pages via Amazon and bought it all within 10 minutes. I’d never even heard of book or author before!  I am truly a lost cause.

2 thoughts on “Learning to read Manga

  1. My pleasure Louise. I’ve just been checking out Tillie Walden and her graphic novels look really good.
    You are so right though, book recs from Twitter, Instagram and Book Tubers are all causes of my bank balance dropping disastrously

  2. Twitter is dangerous for book reccomendations. 😂
    I have discovered anime on Netflix this year and also love an American graphic-novelist called Tilly Walden.
    Interesting reccomendations here. Thanks for sharing them.

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