Why I’m a book flitter and I hate it!

You know what I mean by flitter don’t you?

I’m happily reading a book, it’s okay, it’s more than okay, it’s even really great but it’s taking me ages to get through so I get a bit restless then I hear about a book which I also own and didn’t finish and I’m off diving back into that book again!

This happens a lot after watching my favourite Book Tubers who will mention a book they’ve hauled, read etc and I’m like…

I have that on my shelf! And suddenly it’s all I can think about so off I go flitting to another different book.

Im like a butterfly who just thinks that each new flower must have better pollen than the one before but never really sticking around long enough to enjoy the pollen to find out.

Back in days of yore I would buy a book. I would read that book on my commute to work. Even if it took me weeks, I’d stay loyal and true until I had gotten to the end.

Nowadays I flit!

A bite here, a nibble there never eating the whole thing and it’s driving me mad 😡

Tips please on how to stay with a book or if I DNF it then how to remove that book from my life so I don’t end up flitting back to it months/years later.

My analysis is that I just have too many books and they are all calling to me to read them!


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