Friday Smiles – week 262

Its been a few years since I joined in with this but have been feeling the need for more smiles lately and where better to get them than via this great weekly theme run by Annie over at A Stitch in Time

I’ve had a few things make me smile this week. The first was after the snow finally melted away last Saturday after hanging around for nearly a week!

We didn’t get it half as bad as some so I cant really complain but it did stop a few days of Post delivery which I cant recall ever happening before.

It was really pretty but i’d more than had enough by the time it went.

The second thing was having some fantastic bird visitors to the garden due the extreme conditions like 30+ fieldfares which were such a thrill to see and some long tailed tits who are very occasional visitors but it was great to see them on the bird feeders.

Its not a brilliant photo as its taken through the window and one handed but i’m pleased to have a record of their visit.

Lastly this mornings sunset really made me smile, it was gorgeous

Its so lovely to be taking part in smiley Fridays again and i look forward to catching up with all of you.



6 thoughts on “Friday Smiles – week 262

  1. Hi Gill, Great to see you joining us.
    I love your photo with the birds. I have no knowledge of birds and love it when peoplet can tell me what they are called.
    The sunrise is beautiful. I am not a morning person, so sunrises are a seldom seen pleasure.
    I hope you will pop around here again on Fridays.
    Have a good week,

  2. It is nice to see a ‘new face on the block’. I am sure everyone is happy to see the snow melting away. It is one thing I don’t miss about England. It is pretty to look at from indoors, but that is all.
    I love the little feathered visitors. How nice to have them come to your feeder. I can’t encourage them to come that close because of my four cats, one of which is a hunter!
    The sunrise is beautiful. What a lovely start to the day. Hope to see you smiling with us again soon. Kate x

  3. It was wonderful to see you at Annie’s Smiles again. You certainly have a lot to smile about. Your shot through the window using one hand was better than any I could have taken with both hands on the camera. It sounds like you had a great week. And welcome back, too.

  4. Oh Gill it’s so lovely to see you joining in the fun today. The snow really is something I love seeing….from the other side of a window! I rarely go out in it these days and love seeing what’s survived when it eventually goes. I’ve enjoyed my birds too this week and only this morning I saw a female blackbird filling her beak with nesting materials….spring really is on its way. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
    Annie s

  5. Hi Gill. Just popped over from Annie’s, nice to see you. There’s nothing as lovely as seeing the sun coming up in the morning especially when it’s nice and bright as it is today. Like you we were without mail for several days, I believe it was not being delivered to the offices rather than just the postmen not wanting to come out but everything seems back to normal now. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx
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