These dolls are Monstrous!!!

If you’ve read my blog over the years you’ll know that I just cant resist ‘rescuing’ lost and lonely dolls from boot fairs. I simply cant walk past a doll that seems unloved in a box or on the ground.

Well, this weekend provided me with a massive rescue of five lovely ladies.

I say lovely but I posted a picture of them to Instagram and its the only photo that has never had 1 like! Clearly my ladies are a little too shocking for the fancy Instagrammers. Well its their loss as i adore my little group.

Let me show you them all

Yes they are gorgeous aren’t they.

Four of them are Monster High dolls and the fifth is an Ever After High

This is Monster High РGhouls Alive РFrankie Stein  She actually is a special edition that has a light up head and body with a scary sound when you push a button on her tummy.

This is Monster High – Freaky Fusion – Dracubecca. She is my least favourite actually as i dont like the bobbles on her or the slightly metallic sheen on her face.

This one is Monster High РPicture Day РSpectra Vondergeist. What a fab name eh?  Her hand and feet turn from white to clear and seem like they are disappearing.

This here is my favourite Monster High doll and she is Zombie Shake – Rochelle Goyle. I just adore her face, the little fawn ears sprouting from her head, her skin colour and the lightning bolts on her face, arms and legs. She is stunning.

But this little lady who is Ever After High – Raven Queen steals the show.

Just look at how beautiful her face is and that hair is so striking!

Talking of hair they are all in need of lots of TLC when it comes to that part of them.

I bought them cheaply with the intention to maybe give them a wash and brush up and sell on but i’ve only gone and fallen in love with them!

It took me best part of a day to research them and find out their names but thats all part of the fun.

So, tomorrow the hair washing begins, wish me luck!

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