Edwardian postcards – FOR SALE!

I’ve decided to have a clear out of some of my postcards. I’ve been collecting Edwardian postcards for many years now.  I prefer them to have been written and posted because i love being nosy and reading the messages on the back! Scandalous I know!

Occasionally I do research on them and try to find out more about the sender or recipient. I’ve had some luck with a few and found some fascinating stories but there are just too many now so its time for a sort out and chuck out!

I’ve decided to sell them on eBay. So in case you have stumbled upon my little ol’ blog and happen to be a deltiologist. *not rude, honest* then you are in luck.

Click on the pics below to go to the eBay page

snap them up now and tell your friends, convince them they are deltiologists in the making. *It means postcard collector but im sure you’ve already got that, right?*

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