a catch up with snow, the Christmas tree and toy soldiers

Well the tree finally went up on Monday and damn fine it looks too, what say you?

my new wooden soldiers look so good on it too.

They are so cute and make me always think of the toy soldiers which inspired The Bronte’s to write their juvenalia stories about Gondal and Glass Town which in turn reminds me of The Glass Town Game by Catherynne M Valente.

We also had snow Sunday and Monday and it actually settled! Something its not done for years here.

My little alpine plants felt right at home covered in the white stuff

I love the tiny, tiny little hairs on the plant that you can’t see with the naked eye so well.

And finally we have Fiona fairy who has sat atop our Christmas tree for over 30 years and apart from a bent wing is doing very well.

So, Christmas preparations are going swimmingly here.

What about you?


Gill x

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