Autumn and Winter

Hello good people! How are you all? What fabulous reading matter do you hold In your hands right now? Answer these questions and more in the comment box below and I’ll be a happy chappess (?)

What have I been doing lately? I have been falling in love with Ali Smith’s books! Oh yes I have!

(For the benefit of new readers to my blog I overuse the (!) ALL THE TIME! But I don’t care 😉

I recently finished reading Autumn by Ali Smith and although I wouldn’t rave about it, I did enjoy it and began to see my way through her very quirky writing style. There are some laugh out loud passages of absurdity that I really loved.

So when I finished I decided to treat myself to the next part of her seasonal quartet, Winter.

Now this I am loving! So much more so than Autumn. I even bought it in hardback and you know that’s not something I do often. It’s a gorgeous cloth bound semi naked hardback too and I adore it.

I’ll update as I go along and may even share the odd quote or two



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