The rapid fire book tag

Another great book tag to try so lets begin…

ebook or physical?

physical all the time! even though i finally caved and bought a Kindle i dont enjoy using it. It just doesnt give me the whole book experience of feeling the solid weight of paper in my hands. Plus, you dont get to enjoy the gorgeous cover!

hardback or paperback?

paperback anytime! hardbacks make my hand ache and the dust jackets drive me nuts but i cant remove them as most books are soooooo boring beneath and that would ruin the reading fun for me. I especially love those floppy paperbacks, you know the ones that open so easy and you can use like a fan. They make my heart happy.

online or physical bookstore for buying books?

online i’m afraid. I’d love to be able to browse in a bookshop now and then but all i have near me is a WHSmith who charge the earth for their books. I have no Waterstones anymore or Foyles etc and certainly no indy ones. Damn, i live in a crap area bookwise dont i?  So i buy 99% of my books from Amazon who such good value and just fantastic.

heroes or villains?

Hmmm, lets see, heroes all the way!  I am not a fan of bad boys or girls. I want the hero to win every time and lets face it they usually do so why be on the wrong side?

used or new books?

new, new, new, new! it has to be new books. I have a phobia about used books which is why i cant use the library anymore. I am so squeamish about any marks on books or yellow edges (yeuk, shudders) I miss loads of bootfair bargains because of this but it cant be helped, i just adore a fresh, new book thats all mine and no one else’s.

character or plot?

plot i think, without a decent plot it doesnt matter how good the characters are, they will look stupid standing around without much to do.  I’m not a fan of the character driven novel which just tells you about whats going on but never gets anywhere im afraid.

long or short books?

short every time!  mainly because i lack patience or time these days to read longer books but also its incredible how much an author can pack in to say, 150-200 pages. They can be very succinct and make use of every word.

long or short chapters?

short punchy chapters are what makes me fly through a book. Just enough info to keep the plot going and tease us. Like a load of mini cliffhangers. Ive read some books who think chapters have to be 40 pages long. They are not for me!

Wooh! that was fast thinking and i really enjoyed it.

I tag anyone who reads this, leave me a link in the comments below if you did it and i’ll come take a look.


2 thoughts on “The rapid fire book tag

  1. Ha yes i get what you mean, long chapters are just daunting for some reason. I guess its good to take a break at the end of a chapter to take in the story more perhaps?

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