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I’ve been writing blogs in various forms for over 10 years now and I love it. As a book blogger I enjoy the writing process, getting my thoughts down, sharing my views and recommending books but there has always been one thing that really narks me about blogging.

The lack of comments!

Bookish folk with You Tube channels have far more ways to see if their posts are enjoyed or engaged with than us bloggers.

  • They have a counter each time someone views their video
  • They have a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ button to give them feedback too plus they have a comments section below the video.

Do you know I have never seen a BookTube channel that does not have at least 5-6 comments after each video, usually way more than that.

But book blogs are so different!  You can get visitor counters but to be honest i dont trust the accuracy of these things. I have two on my blog and for example one says i get between 250-400 visitors a day whilst the other shows only 2 new visits in the last 10 hours! Which should i believe?

I’ve read some really popular blogs who get mentioned all the time on Twitter, Instagram etc which are beautifully written, humourous and entertaining but who never recieve a single comment on their posts!



I love getting ARC’s from publishers to review on here, its a real thrill but when i’ve read the book and spent ages writing the post, editing it and making it look the best I can, I share it with the author and publisher.

In over 3 years of book blogging I have never gotten 1 comment from an author or a publisher on my post!

People, you have to understand! Comments are the lifeblood of a blog. Its simple feedback. Its like an author wants to know what we all think of their work so a blogger wants to know what everyone thinks of their posts!  Will our review make you pick up a book you wouldnt otherwise have considered? Have you tried a new genre and found you love it after reading a great review of several books in that genre?  Have you found new authors who are now your favourites? If yes then let us know.

So next time you read someones blog and you enjoy their posts, maybe learn something from them or get a book rec you cant wait to buy, please consider leaving a comment to let us know you visited.  It would mean so much.

UPDATE: how ironic is it still having no comments on a blog post all about leaving comments on blogs?

Ha ha ha ha

Oh well, at least i tried!

4 thoughts on “Bloggers need comments too”

  1. Thanks Jordan, yes I have a list of blogs i visit and comment on. It would be nice to get a little community together of bloggers who support each other.

  2. Geraldine you are a star, thank you, its very much appreciated. Do you mind me asking how you found my blog, just for future reference.

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