Victoria sponge holds no fears for me now!

I asked my son what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he chose a Victoria sponge! I was all ready to bake a sticky ginger cake or a lemon drizzle both of which he loves so when he asked for this i was like

I’m an average baker with many failed bakes behind me so I wasnt confident of success but I found me a Mary Berry Recipe. I mean she is not called the Queen of baking for nothing. Anyhow I followed her all-in-one recipe (i.e you bung all ingredients in at same time and blitz them with an electric mixer) and this was the result.

I was thrilled with it and son said it was amazing, so job done!

Thanks Mary you are Star baker this week!

Here is a link to the recipe if you fancy giving it a go

send me pics, let me know how it went



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