am i in a reading slump?

I hear lots of readers on You Tube and Twitter complain of being in a reading slump and not having read much at all that week/month etc

I have only read 3 books this year!! Yes this year all 5 months of it!

And one of those was basically a novella!

I dont really know what the symptoms of a reading slump are, i guess it different for each person but in case you are feeling like me I’ll list mine here.

  1.  I desperately want to read a good book, to lose myself in a story with great characters etc
  2.  I have the devil of a time choosing a title from the old TBR that makes me feel excited
  3.  Once a title is chosen I then feel some anxiety about opening and beginning the novel
  4.  If i’ve got past that then it feels like an effort to engage myself with the characters, plotline, world building etc
  5.  If i’ve got into the story and am really enjoying it i begin to relax a little
  6.  but then… the thought of wading through the rest of the book, enjoyable or not exhausts me and I tend to give up and so the cycle begins all over again.

Does this sound like you?

How can i change things?

i think maybe book blogging and my book buying addiction are at the root of all this.  When faced with such a wonderful choice of books; and i do have some amazing books on my shelves, look

its just exhausting to imagine reading them all and which ones i should go for first.  Life was so much easier when i had a few books to read only.

Wow, dont i sound a whingey old wind bag?

I hope I shake this slump off soon.  Do let me know if youve had this problem, please?


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