debut authors and Booktuber spotlight

I wanted to do a post about a couple of things today, still booky related of course.  I should have a fabulous book haul post for you next week but this is about two things as it says on the tin.

  1. debut authors and
  2. i want to shine a spotlight on some of my favourite booktubers

so lets begin at the beginning shall we?

Debut Authors

I’d say 90% of all books i either get offered for review or I request via Twitter turn out to be debut authors.  Now in many ways this is exciting. I mean one of these authors could turn out to be the next Margaret Atwood or Stephen King or John Green or even David Levithan and you will have been right there reading a proof copy of their first novel long before the rest of the world!

Exciting yes?   YES   but….

as ive said before on my blog a debut author is untested and untried. I wont have read anything by them so I cant know if i will like their writing style.  A books blurb can only go so far in telling us the plot and without a ‘look inside’ feature its all one big leap of faith right?

Whereas an establised author gives us much more confidence that we will like their new novel especially if they are already a favourite.

I am always, always grateful to receive proofs of course, its such a thrill but I do reserve the right to dislike them more because of it.

BookTuber Spotlight

right i want to begin a (fairly) regular spot on my blog whereupon i celebrate some of my favourite booktubers and there are quite a few i follow, some of whom are so passionate about the books that they have made me go out and buy the book myself!

Damn! they are good like that.

My first booktuber i want to spotlight is Louise from The Big Haired Bookworm

Ive only been watching her channel for a few months but i feel like ive known her forever. She is lovely and chatty and warm and so funny and witty with her reviews. We read fairly similar books and i have bought a couple based on her recommendations.

She even makes cakes for us viewers! I mean how dedicated  is that right?

Check out her video above and see what i mean.

What do you think of debut authors?  better or worse than an established writer?

lets chat!

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