more unsolicited bookpost – Nah! not for me

I get very few unsolicited books sent for review but when i do they never seem to be my cup o’ tea.  I have contacted certain publicists on many occasions to ask them to stop sending me books without asking first but get no replies. I would not have said yes to this if asked beforehand.

Another turned up today!

It was about a cult! ( i thought that horrid little book meme was well over,  seems i was wrong!)

It had the smallest of fonts again! (why publishers? do you think we are all blessed with 20/20 vision or have you been reading too many sci fi novels where people have optical implants?)

The author used the word ‘calescent’ in the very first paragraph!  do you know what that means? i didnt!  If i have to stop the flow of my reading to look up the meaning of a damn word then i’m already set against the book.

needless to say it will sit on my shelves, unread.

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