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Yes its true! I did finally succumb and buy myself a Kindle with some Christmas vouchers.

And do you know what?

I think I might really, secretly,


Being a mad crazy gadget freak I have wanted one for ages but also haven’t wanted one because i love a the feel of a real book at the same time and i dont want digital books to mean they will be done away with. *horrified look*

So what made you change your mind then Gill?

Well, thanks for asking, i’ll tell you and as the title suggests I have 3 reasons for this

  1.  I dislike hardback books, (and i hate waiting, for anything but especially for a book to come out in paperback form.)  I dont like the weight of them or the fact that the dust jacket slides up and down when i’m reading it.  But I cant remove the dust jacket because most books have a boring plain cover and that would not make me want to read the book. Anyway, i digress. I dont like waiting for a book to come out in paperback when its already been published in hard copy so buying the ebook version means i get to read that book months earlier, plus the Kindle is rather convenient and easier to read than a book in some situations.
  2.  The price of books has sky rocketed in the last 3 years since i began book blogging.  I always buy my books online as i dont have a book shop very close to me. I use Amazon and have always found them to be very well priced compared to WHSmith which is my nearest shop. Books used to be £3.85, £3.99, £4.99 or around that mark and my money and gift vouchers went a long way. Now, for some reason most books cost £5.99, £6.99, £7.99 and even, God help us £9.99! for a paperback! Its disgraceful.  A Kindle ebook can often be anything from £1 to £6 cheaper than the paperback version, plus there is no delivery charge as it can arrive on my Kindle in minutes, for free!  I had a list of 4 books i wanted to buy the other day and i worked out that i could save over £16 by buying the ebook versions! £16! I can buy even more books with what i’m saving, its a win, win situation isnt it.
  3.  And my third reason is to do with the font size. yes the font size!  I’d say, on average that 1 in every 4 books I buy has the most ridiculously small fonts now. WHY Publishers, WHY?  Is it a paper saving thing? They make the font smaller to cram more on the page so they use less paper to make the book?  ARC’s from publishers are guilty of this quite a bit lately. Some proofs come in a form where they use what seems to be really good quality, bright white paper which also makes the book weigh twice as much as an average book and the font is something like 10 point. Now ive worn glasses for years now but my eyes strain terribly trying to read it and there is no enjoyment in reading if my eyes are uncomfortable. But an ebook can be read at any font size you are comfortable with.

I am not endorsing an eReader over real books for one moment, they are too gorgeous and soft and magical and (usually) beautifully produced to ever give them up but I have come round to seeing the advantages of an eReader in some situations, and until the font size gets back to normal and the prices go down to something affordable for all of us I’ll be happy to use my new Kindle.



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