We three books

Just a wee blog post to share with you my latest book purchases What about these then! We are the ants has a really unusual cover material its all slightly ridged and feels gorgeous. Have you read these? TTFN Gill x

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Autumn and Winter

Hello good people! How are you all? What fabulous reading matter do you hold In your hands right now? Answer these questions and more in the comment box below and I’ll be a happy chappess (?) What have I been doing lately? I have been […]

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A-Z Book Tag

I saw this on Maddie & Bee’s fab You Tube channel Heart Full of Books Its a bit of long one but bear with me, some of my answers may surprise you. A – Author you’ve read the most books by J.K. Rowling because I […]

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August Book Haul

Have i got a stash to show you this month? Well yes, i darn well have and its gorgeousness personified! Lets begin with a couple of books sent for review, i’ve decided to add them here rather than give them their own Book Mail this […]

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