Blogmas 2016 – Day 2 – any book

Hey, look i’m still here and its Day 2 already, go me!

Day 2 can be about ‘any book’ so what shall i choose?

Well, i’m bending the rules ever so slightly, more of a tweak really and including 2 books! I know, i’m such a rebel!

I bought the twelve days of Dash & Lily without realising that there was a book about them that came before, once I did i had to buy it and read them in the right order which i did last week and boy, did I love them both.

Sometimes joint authoring of a book can be difficult and will often water down the writing skills of each author but in this case i believe they wrote a chapter each, David with Dash’s part and Rachel with Lily’s and it worked out beautifully. I just adore David’s writing, his dialogue is full of feeling and meaning without being too cheesy or cliched. Rachels writing is more humorous but with a good amount of feels too.

I loved being in the company of Dash & Lily and was so distraught when i finished the last page of The Twelve Days. I miss those guys. So David & Rachel if you ever read this post (about as likely as me piloting a flying pig to the moon) then you must write a new one each Christmas to keep me going please.

Have you read this?

Let me know what you thought?

Merry Blogmas!

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