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I often hear people say how some books are ‘important’ and should be read even though they may be harrowing, miserable and depressingly long reads.


For me reading has always been my hobby for as long as i can remember. Its a ‘me’ moment when i can sit down, open a book and slide into another world, someone elses life full of humour, pathos, excitement etc.

Its about enjoyment for me and if the book i’m reading be it a proof copy or one i’ve purchased myself does not hit the spot and i find i’m not enjoying it then I stop reading and i’ll pass it on.  Why on earth would you put yourself through torture reading about things that bring you down, make you feel worse than before you sat down to read.

Think about it! If your hobby was knitting and a friend said, why dont you try crochet its a really good hobby and you gave it a go but couldnt get on with it, you’d say no its not for me i’ll stick to knitting, Ta. You wouldnt spend weeks, months or even years forcing yourself to crochet when it made you feel miserable because you’d not be enjoying that hobby anymore.

Thats how i feel about reading, if a book disappoints me or is too serious, miserable, graphic, cruel etc it has to go.  My books like my flims and TV series have to entertain me and make me feel uplifted afterwards or they havent done their job.

So i say this to anyone who suggests we should all read this or that author because their books are ‘important and should be read’  I will be the judge of whats important and i wont read what doesnt interest me.

There is enough terrible things going on in the world today for me to ruin my hobby by sitting and reading fictional accounts of more misery.

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