A new Stephanie Meyer novel, for adults?

Yes indeedy folks, she has written her first ever novel for us grown ups (did i just admit to being a grown up? not true, not true at all) its called…

The Chemist


and i’m getting sent a copy on its publication date next month – 8th November *all the cheers and clappings*

but in the meantime I was sent this intriguing package the other day from those splendid people at Little Brown





  • A set of postcards – always nice
  • a pen shaped like a syringe and there’s a syringe on the cover – really cool tie in
  • a mini torch called a Jazooli! a god damn real, cool, pocket sized torch – Wah!

I never get to be part of these mega cool marketing techniques that other bloggers get (are you detecting sour grapes and a tantrum in the air too?) so its such a thrill for me to get these and know a book is on its way to me.

Mind you I have a confession to make. I have only ever read about 1/3rd of Twilight. Yes, i know what a bad reader I am but vampires just dont float my boat im afraid, its all that pale complexion and blood dripping everywhere (shudders)

Im ready to give her first adult book a good go though.

What have you been reading? Have you read any of her books? what have i missed by being a wuss?

lets chat


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