Carry On Readalong

I don’t normally take part in readalongs or re-readalongs or readathons come to that either but considering:


  1. this book has actually been out for over a year now
  2. I own two copies of it, one hardback, one paperback (who could resist the colour it yourself version?)
  3. I have never manged to get around to reading it.

I thought it was about time. So when Katie @KatieBookQueen said she was planning a re-readalong I had to say yes.

Katie has a fab You Tube channel called Queen of Teen Fiction  Go check her out, her enthusiasm for books is very infectious and she costs me money in recommendations all the time.

I’ll report back about how i’m doing and if I managed to stick with it.

P.S. Isn’t that just the best colouring in you have ever seen? And yes i know i’ve missed a few bits D’oh!

2 thoughts on “Carry On Readalong

  1. I know! i just had to get it even though i have the hardback edition. It was rather good fun.
    Thanks for the visit and the chat Cait

  2. Omg there’s a cover YOU CAN COLOUR?!?!? That is so cool! 😂 And I hope you enjoy Carry On because I adore this one! EEEEP. It is very reminiscent of Harry Potter to start with but it gets more original as it goes on and it’s GLORIOUS.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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