3 fab books coming in September

It feels to me to have been a quiet summer for books, certainly ive not come across anything that lights my fire but, come September all that will change.

There are 3 books – most likely more than that in the end – that sound amazing! Two of them are already out in hardback but anyone who knows me, knows that i dislike hardback books with a vengeance so I will always wait for the paperback if I can.

Ive heard loads about Big Magic and i do love a self help type book so that will be fun. Its out on 22nd September.

Cogheart looks and sounds ‘the business’ I mean, look at that cover, its so cool. Its out on 1st September so not that long to wait now and

The Forgettting Time is one I just cannot wait to read. I read the free excerpt that was on Twitter the other day and i was hooked, it sounds so original in its concept. It too is out on 1st September so I may even pre-order those two books so make sure i dont miss ’em.

What books are you looking forward to in September?

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