the tidal zone by sarah moss

i’m not sure why but i often find that books which have had rave reviews can leave me quite cold, it happened recently with this

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First let me say a huge thanks to Granta for sending me a copy of this

I blooming love this cover, love the synopsis and the whole quality of publication. Its the first book from Granta i’ve read and the first Sarah Moss too.  Given all that i thought i would adore this but, NO!

I can’t really say much without giving the game away which i never do so its hard for me to review it but suffice to say that it was a huge disappointment for me. Her style of writing is okay but nothing special, it didnt stand out above other books i’d read. It has a great opening but then becomes one huge anticlimax.

I felt it was padded out with nonsense that wasn’t relevant to the main story and that it seemed to not conclude satisfactorily enough for me.

I did buy another Sarah Moss book whilst i was waiting for this to arrive from the publishers, so confident was i that i would love her work but i didnt like that one either, so I’m guessing that we just dont get on. I cant possibly like every book i buy and nobody can like every author so thats fine.

I didnt finish either book sadly but instead kind of skimmed the text to get the gist of the outcome, thats how little I enjoyed them.

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