Why I said YES YES to poetry

Sorry about the title of this post, its a bit punny but what the heck eh?

With my newly rediscovered love of poetry i’ve been watching a lot of booktuber videos for good recommendations. One of them who give THE best advice on poetry is of course Jen Campbell   @aeroplanegirl on Twitter.

I recently saw her talking about a book called Some Planet by John Montara (see pic below)


This book sounded so damn amazing I had to investigate the publisher and get me a copy. I cheekily asked the publisher if they would send me a book for review even though they are many, many miles away in Portland, Oregon, USA!

And guess what? they said yes they would but it wasnt just one book they sent me! take a look at this bundle!

2016-06-13 13.49.42-1

They sent me 5 books of poetry and a couple of postcards with poems on advertising more of the collections they publish.

I was bowled over by this generosity and so i’m bigging them up to poetry loving folk in the UK and around the world.

Here is a closer look at the books

I will review them at a later date but for now just take a look at how fab they all are.

If you are into modern poetry then do go check out YES YES Books