Book Review: The Followers by Rebecca Wait


I bought this myself cos it sounded rather good and do you know what? it really was too although, I was a little disappointed with the ending but I’ll come to that in a minute.

It begins with Stephanie and her daughter Judith. Stephanie is a struggling single mum who meets the charismatic Nathaniel one day in the cafe she works in.  What happens as she gets sucked in by him and ends up joining the cult he founded is the basis for a very gripping novel.

I’ve read a few novels about cults and I have to say that this was far and away the best one yet. I dont seek them out as a plotline but im always happy to read one if they come along and i had no idea of the way this was going before i began reading. I do find them scary, creepy and very atmospheric. I believe this is the authors second book and its certainly very polished and beautifully written. Everytime I thought i’d guessed what was coming next I was deftly wrong footed by Rebecca’s skillful plot.

But back to what i mentioned earlier, the ending.  I just felt it let the whole thing down sadly. Hints are given as the book progresses about the ending but it felt like a damp squib to me, as if the author had run out of steam. Dont let me put you off reading it though, judge for yourself.

All in all a grippy read and one i’d recommend cos others may feel differently about the finale.

4 out 5

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