Cabbage Patch dolls – here we go again

I used to collect cabbage patch dolls about 5 years ago, ones i bought at my local bootfair and sometimes online. I clean them up, do any restoration that i’m able to and then sell them again.

I haven’t had any for years now though but a lucky purchase at my local bootfair this morning has set me off again. I got this lovely for just 50p!

2016-04-24 10.18.13

She is made by Mattel which dates her to between 1994 and 2003 with a blue bum signature and she has an original dress too.  I think she is gorgeous and has the loveliest of smiles, and her mouth has a hole for a dummy too.

I came home proudly with my purchase and found myself searching on ebay for more of them! I admit it, i became a little obsessive and have since bought 4 more this afternoon.

I may need help!

But in my defence, 3 of them are the rare talking ones although they are not in working order but i just couldnt resist them.

More posts coming soon once they have arrived!

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