Its been a month of contrasts in weather has January. It begun mild but then we’ve had a really cold snap resulting in some nice frosty pics but no snow.

lovely snowdrops


frost on the Schumach (spelling?)


cobwebs on bird table


chilly strawberry plants


cheeky grape hyacinth poking through

Then we had a fascinating sky last night

heavy, swirly, yellowy cloud (very scientific)

And I discovered a great app for my phone. Its called Colorburn and colours in your images in a huge range of shades so you can get some really cool effects. And it has some nice frames and layouts too.







Its been a good month for taking pics so far. All these have been taken using an iphone in case you are interested though I am thinking of digging out my DSLR soon. Havent used it in ages (shameful)

I’ll post anything I snap once I remember how to use it!

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