The three faces of Tom

That sounds like a good title for a book dosent it, however its my post for Friday Smiles hosted by Annie over at A Stitch in Time

Its been way too long since i joined in the fun over there, so a huge hello to Annie and anyone else who remembers me.

This week I wanted to share with you the three faces of my cat Tom. He is 3 years old now and we have known him right from the second of his birth as he is the son of Meg and we watched her give birth to her gorgeous kittens back in 2012.

Face 1: Jaws Tom

This is Tom doing his best Jaws impression. How scary is that gob? He was actually yawning when i was snapping away and is actually the sweetest and gentlest cat anyone could have but my god dont he look scary?

Face 2: sleepy dormouse Tom

Here he is curled up fast asleep on my chair and looking so sweet you could just eat him up. I think he looks like a soft coated hedgehog here.

Face 3:  Scarface Tom

And this is him after a run in with another cat in the neighbourhood. I like to think the other cat came off worse cause Tom sure came home a bit sorry for himself. He is a gentle soul but will defend his territory if necessary. Thing is, he thinks everyones garden is his territory!
Glad to say his good looks are coming back as the wound heals.

Which face do you prefer?

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