Norman gets a new home

Well Christmas is over once again and I had a lovely time with family, eating lots, playing games and laughing.

chilling out on their mobiles

We had family from Australia actually arrive on Christmas day itself which was original. The enjoyed their meal but then after a few hours jetlag set in and they both fell fast asleep on the settee and dont recall a thing about the day now, bless them.

This year for a change we had a real Christmas tree. My son had had enough of our old artificial one that we bought when he was but a babe in arms (he’s 22 now) so he treated us to a cracker which in four weeks of living indoors has kept its shape, not gone dry and not dropped too many needles.

We named it Norman, Norman the Nordmann fir. When it came time to take down Norman my son suggested planting him outside.

so here he is doing all the spade work

it looks right at home in its new environment

grow tall Norman

fingers crossed he’ll root and live on. Thanks for a great Christmas Norman X

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