Calling all Genealogists – this book is for you

Marriage Law for Genelogists by Rebecca Probert

Published by Takeaway Publishing

Price £9.99

At first glance this book may not seem to be very interesting, exciting or humorous but to all genealogists and family historians out there its a MUST HAVE book.

I am one of those genealogists, in an amateur way anyway and this book will be very useful for me in my research.

Tracing ancestors marriages is a big part of family history but before registration in 1837 it was hard to find definite proof. There are many laws, rules and regulations surrounding the whole thing but this book is written in plain English and makes the whole thing a pleasure to read and learn.

I use it more as a ‘dip into when needed’ reference book but you can read it from cover to cover as a fascinating historical document.

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