A very tidy and fairly empty desk today but at the end are my two lovely new storage boxes i bought from WHSmith yesterday,
they are doing a BOGOF promotion on them and i got both for £4.49, well pleased!  And whats even better is that they are actually what i went to Smiths to buy so not a false economy. Arent you impressed?
They are to store some of my millions of photos and cuttings which will end up in my journals. 
In the front of the pic is my mug with all my favourite pens for when im crafting. Sadly mine isnt as good as yours Julia, how perfect was that for you.
You may also be able to spot the muddy paw prints courtesy of Tom kitten cat. He wanted to make his artisitc statement too.
Have a good week everyone and stay safe in this horrid weather.
Gill xx

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