Fridays Smiles – week 53 – food & family

Morning Annie, Thanks for hosting another Friday smilefest to cheer us all up. Love your treasure hunt, wish i could have been there.
What am i on about? Clicky HERE to visit Annie’s blog and find out how you can share your happy moments from the last week.
I’ve had me some yummy, happy moments since we last met.
We were taken out for a meal by my hubbys sisters family as a treat for hosting them at Christmastime. They have just moved and are unable to return the favour yet with all the unpacking. 
a rare pic of hubby and me as im always the photographer
We had a lovely time with nice food (chocolate fudge cake found its way to my plate)
 and even better company.
yesterday we cleaned out the nest box in the garden after last years successful blue tit hatch. And this is what was in the bottom of it
Isn’t it amazing the things they use to make their nests. At the top of it is the round bowl where the eggs were laid. I hope they return this year.
Finally i’ll leave you with this pic of hubby and Meg sharing the bean bag for a snooze. Which one do you think got to it first?
Have a lovely week with loads of smiles.
Gill xx

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