Whilst we remember, thank and honour all those who gave their lives for us in both world wars, i would like to mention just a few of my own ancestors who took part in WW1
Arthur King
Harry Finch
John Lilley
James Reynolds
George Brazier
The five men listed above all lost their lives in either the army or the navy. They were distantly related ancestors and one of them; John Lilley is commemorated on the Menin Gate in Belgium.
Harry Brazier
Charles Turnbull
These chaps were my grandfathers, both of whom survived WW1 and returned to their families to live another 40 years or so.  By a strange coincidence;
Both left home young to join the army at the turn of the century.
Despite one coming from East London and one from Glasgow in Scotland, both ended up in the Royal Army Service Corps based in Woolwich
Both became drivers in the RASC
Both met their future wives whilst at Woolwich
After the war both lived in East London just 2 miles apart
Both died within a year of each other and are buried in the same cemetery
The widow of grandad Charles ended up living in the house of grandad Harry after his death
Both died before i was born.
We owe such a huge debt to all those who fought and died or survived.
We must never forget them
Gill xx