return of the lavender plants

When we moved into this house back in 1991 we had the most gorgeous lavender plant just outside the back door. The smell in late summer was heavenly but it was beginning to get a bit woody in the middle so i cut it all back to what i thought was fresh growth even though i was not and am not a gardener. 
Well you can probably guess that i actually ended up killing it and it never grew back. 
Lately i have been getting back into gardening again with my small herb pots, strawberry plants and geraniums so yesterday when i saw 3 lavender plants for £4 at my local boot fair i just fancied giving them a go. I got one each of three varieties.
Devonshire compact (french lavender)
Madrid Bella Pink
They are in full sun and ive been told not to over water them so, take the secateurs away from me and they may last.
Gill x

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