my mini herb garden and other flowers

Following on from my last post i dragged the hubby to the local garden centre and having decided to start slowly i bought 2 packets of herb seeds.
Some basil and some garlic chives.
I also bought 3 geraniums which were going really cheap, 2 large bags of miracle gro compost and hubby bought a strawberry plant which had 3 strawberries on it. 
I put the geraniums and the strawberry plant in existing planters on the wall of hubbies shed (dont they just love shed’s men?)
And then sowed my herb seeds in small pots which i wanted to store on the patio but needed to keep away from nosy, hungry chickens.
i built a small brick wall round the pots, not cemented together mind you and hubby bent the edges of some wire to put over the top.
Hmm, dont look like much right now do they. Check back in a few weeks and there should be signs of seedlings coming through.
Finally my pineapple Lily plant comes up each year and is so special when the flowers are fully out.
I really do enjoy growing things. Its such a thrill when the first seedling pokes its head through the soil to reach out for the suns warmth and light. 
I am lucky.
Gill x

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