Friday’s Smiles Week 23

I’ve had a very smily week since i saw you all last here on this great feel good fest hosted by Annie from A Stitch in Time
My hubby came back from his sailing trip on Monday ( i missed him so that was heaps of smiles) and brought me back a small gift
Its the 19th century version of the iPad, called a slate board. He bought it in a gift shop on one of his stops. Only thing is it makes my teeth go on edge as it squeaks when you write on it. *shudders*
On Tuesday my son went to London with some friends for the day on his day off from work and brought me back a gift.
A pen carved out of wood with a lovely bright cockerel on. He bought it in Covent Garden and i love it.
Also on Tuesday whilst at Rock Choir i found out we have a performance coming up in July, so i actually get to perform in public for the first time, I am so excited *squeals*
Oh and i conquered a fear about the dentist and took myself off there for the first time in ages.
Finally, i know you all like my piggie pups so a little pic of them to end my smily week.
3 weeks today and doing well.
Here’s hoping your week is full of smiles.
Gill x

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