Friday’s Smiles – Week 21

Here it is once again, Friday and with it many good reasons to smile. 
If you want to join in this great Friday smilefest then clicky this here LINK to go see Annie’s lovely blog and take part.
Things that have made me smile this week are my guinea pig babies who are all doing well one week on and munching hay and food like their parents, arent they amazing animals.
Here you can see two of them having a feed from mummy – everyone say ‘aaaaahhh’
And something that i dont often talk about which is my garden. We’ve never really been into gardening and having chickens you can’t grow much anyway unless its in tubs and then they all die for me, but, now that my hubby is retired and thankfully feeling much better than he was last year he decided to cut the grass and re-discovered the path to the shed, cut back the bushes and now it looks lovely and i enjoy sitting out there in this nice weather.
lovely fishy friends
lawn looking nice for a change
laurel tree? please inform me if wrong
tidy but empty borders
I reckon he’s done a grand job and i intend to keep it tidy this time (famous last words) I love my pond and the little waterfall which is such a relaxing sound.

Well thats my smiles for this week, ill just pop over and see yours now.
I hope your week is full of smiles
Gill x

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