Friday’s Smiles – week 19

Now first of all let me apologise for my entry to this happy weekly blog hop last week. It is meant to make people smile but mine apparently made everyone who viewed it scream and run for the hills as they didnt like my expression dolls.  Fear not people they will not return. To be honest some of them began giving me the willys after a while so i know where you’re coming from.
Anyway for this weeks entry I am sharing a couple of photos with you that are very precious and totally priceless to me.  I have begun writing up my memories and some of my family history notes for my son and future generations in the hope they wont have the struggle ive had to find things out about the past.  I’m really enjoying writing it and one day if you are interested i may blog about it. 
My lovely nan Lillian with me as a baby – i think im about to bawl my head off
My mum and dad with me at my Christening  
I’ll leave you with a short story. My hubby, a keen radio collector and restorer had lost a small piece of metal from one of his old radios he had been cleaning the other day. We searched high and low for it including emptying out the hoover bag. Where did we find it? attached to the magnet on Meg’s collar. That cat does get into mischief.
Have yourselves a wonderful smiley week and dont forget to pop over to Annies lovely blog and get yourself some more smiles.
Gill x

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