Whats on your workdesk Wednesday 207

A short post from me this week as there’s lots going on and im off to work very soon (BOO)
Im looking forward to Week 208, i’ve never taken part before.
 What am i on about?
Why the weekly desk nosiness hosted by the kindly Julia at The Stamping Ground of course.
My desk this week contains Happy Mail! *squeals loudly and frightens the animals*
This parcel arrived all the way from Australia no less. It was from my husbands cousin who i am very good friends with
inside it was a lovely wrapped parcel, and its not even my birthday or Christmas, arent i lucky?
Inside that was a copy of her book of family stories and her fascinating life both in the UK and Australia where she emigrated to as a child.
Its a wonderful read for anyone not just family members and is now available on Amazon too.
She has inspired me to write down my life stories and family history to pass onto my son later on.
Have a good week and dont forget to stop by The Stamping Ground and snoop around lots more tidy/untidy/exciting/messy/crafty desks.
Gill x

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