It begins for me but It Ends With Us

I have a new favourite author and her name is Colleen Hoover

I have just finished It ends with us and I absolutely loved it. I dont do book reviews anymore so this sint going to be one but isntead I just wanted to sing her praises and let you all know what a great author I think she is.

I bought this on 29th November and finally finished it today. I wasnt reading it all the time i kind of dipped in and out but it always kept calling me back.

Imagine my thrill when in my local supermarket yesterday I came across these two beauties

I literally spoke out loud and said ‘Oh Colleen Hoover’ as i grabbed a copy of both books. I do hope no-one heard me!

Do you have a new favourite author?

Are you trying a new author/genre for 2022?

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flash, bang, wallop!

Now, i’ve always had a passion for cameras for the last 50 years (yes i am that old) but all the cameras i’ve had have been contemporary for the time.

Now though due to a family member who has got himself involved in vintage photography having never owned a camera before (apart from his phone of course) I have become interested in vintage cameras myself.

We ventured to a local bootsale for the first time in months and found a stall which had trays of old vintage cameras! We searched through them for ages but the first camera i came across was this

A Kodak Retinette IIB made between 1958-1959. I just fell in love with it. It has a built in light and exposure meter and was top of this particular range for its time.

I next found a Kodak Retinette 1A which was actually made later (confusing numbering people?)

They each cost £5 which is a brilliant bargain as they can go for over £20 each on ebay and the like!

I’m hoping to get film for them and have a go at old fashioned photography soon.

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flowers and veg 2021

Im growing my gorgeous zinnias again this year along with hostas, helenium, lupins, hollyhocks and many more.

And on the veg front runner beans, tomatoes, potatoes and french beans

We’ve not had a lot of time this year due to birth of gorgeous grandson but this is whats going on in the garden right now

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Animal Crossing New Horizons

This is a game I’ve been playing on my Nintendo switch since last Christmas pretty much continuously and its very addictive.

inside my house on Charisma Island
Outside of house

I’ve recently started from scratch again as I messed up the terraforming first time round. I think i’ve been more sensible with my house and shop placements this time too.

More updates to come especially as i’m just placing 3 houses and DIY items for 3 new villagers.

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baby elephants feet

Full name is Frithia Pulchra but i love the name baby elephants feet and you can see why.

I’ve been growing this from seed planted on 8th May 2020. Its not easy to grow so there is a chance it’ll kick the bucket anytime soon with my non green fingers.

I’ve never grown a succulent from seed before so here’s hoping it makes it.

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